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Shifter kit needed.


I pulling the original 3 speed trans form my 1970 and replacing it with a 4 speed manual T10 H-7b WE DIV T10 H-1 W-1 BW.

Problem is I"m told that I'd have to get a GM shifter for it and make it fit.

This transmission was used in the 65-66 shelbys.  Where can I find a shifter kit for it?


Thanks.  Actually its done.

Local hot rod shop had the Hurst Comp Plus shifter and kit.

Fly wheel had to attended to (guess some joker had been hot roding the thing..LOL).  Had to swap out the yoke the shelby trans was  25 spline and the one in my coupe was 28.  But it's in and sweet as can be.

Too bad this forum doesn't just let you upload images to the post.

Have a great Thanksgiving.



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