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Searching for Mustang 1969 manual for repairing


Hey guys!

Just bought old 69's Mustang V8 for restauration. As you imagine, there is a lot of problems with that old an long time unused car...

I really need any repairing manual for this V8, especially for engine, but can't find any working download link on Google. :( I searched other few mustang forums for information but no one can't help me with that... :(

You can still buy reprinted shop manuals that provide all the information you could ever want about your car.  National Parts Depot is a very reputable classic Mustang supplier and they have the manuals in paper form ( and on CD (

Thanks a lot, Topless_Horse!
I found another not broken link to download manual. It's for 64-73' year V8 Mustangs and it is FREE, hope it fits to my car... Sharing a link, hope it will help to other mustangers :)

You're welcome.  I also have the Haynes manual but since it covers quite a few model years, it's general and does not have a lot of year-specific information in it.  If you expect to be doing all (or even most) of the work on your car, the shop manual is a must.

National Parts Depot (the links I provided) does have international shipping - hopefully to your country. 

Thanks for the link and good luck with your car!


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