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Like I have restored it to perfection.  Now, drive it like a classic Mustang is supposed to be driven.....daily. 

Hey Glen,

Thank you for your comments on the bay resto. Too much snow and ice here during winter to drive all year, daily. Great weather June-October, got to tuck her away in the shop after that.

So, what do you drive during the winter?  These old cars were made for 24-7 12 months a year when they were built.  There were very few 4 WD cars and trucks built in 1965.  You just had to learn how to drive a rear wheel drive car back then when the weather was bad.  I have fish tailed all over most of west Texas and parts of Oklahoma and Colorado in my 65 during snow and ice storms.   ;D  A bag or two of sand in the trunk helped, and keeping her in the highest gear while gently  tapping the throttle also helped.  Hell, I passed Jeeps stuck in the snow, but got to my destination in Texas without losing it in the ditch. 

2007 Chev. Dura Max 4X4 Turbo Diesel, One hell of a truck !!

My '07 is just fine in the snow with the right tires. I did have a mishap when I didn't KNOW the road was slick once. As long as I know about it though I think it is great in the snow. Much more control than a front wheel drive.


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