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roll bar on 1966 convertible??


i have a 1966 convertible mustang and it is just about to get out of the paint shop.  i saw some pictures of other 66 mustangs online with a 68 shelby looking roll bar on them. i have looked all over the net and have not found any kits that are specific for my year of car.  i was wondering if anyone knew where to find a roll bar. thanks in advance!!

I have found this 66 convertible with a roll bar and they say it came from Mustangs Unlimited but I checked their catalog and they only offer them for 68/70 Mustangs. They probably used it and did some work to make it fit.
I personally think it doesn't look right, are you sure you want to do it?

im not completly sure yet but the car that i saw sure set it apart and i like but i dont know yet thanks.


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