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Restoreing My Mod


Matt G:
Hey I have a 1971 Ford Mustang Coupe. And I wondering if anyone have tips to restore my car. I'm only 15 so I need all the help I can get. Anything will help any advice. And i have a question. Should I put a 289 or a 302 engine in my car? Or should I keep the 250 straight six? Also my car is a ugly brown right now, was that color of the car in 1971?

well have you looked at my project 73. look in the readers rides. If you have any ? about were to get parts just give me a shout.
personally you will not go wrong putting a V-8 in the big beast. 289-302 same thing. but if you could afford ity get a nice 351 windser crate motor. I know it takes the fun out of rebiulding  but also takes the headaches out. there are tons of V-8s out there for the taken.

As for the color pick one that matches the inside. like mine is blue inside and going to be med blue metallic paint, well it sorta to get a differnt maych to

Brown could be a great color done right. like dark brown (mocha)metalic. seen this before and looks killer. plus the darker colors will make the car seem

Personally I like charcoal grey matalic.

Matt G:
Thank You for the reply. I was thinkin bout paintin the car a grey color too. I think the 351 windsor is kinda out of my price range I think. So thanks for the help

you can find 289,302 and 351's all day long cheap. look for a 70'2 t-bird that it rusted out but have a good motor and trans for couple of 100. If you lived In Missouri I know a guy who will give you a 302. just look around. Acuually do you have 800 bucks? If so there is a guy with a 73 fastback that has a Cleveland and all it needs is a back window glass and finishing and he lives in washington state. Let me know.


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