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Replacement shell, or the Original?

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I see there is a 1967 Fastback Mustang replacement shell now.  It is supposed to be higher quality than the original.  The catch is is that it is about $16,000.  Would this be a better investment than an original body that has to have sheet metal replacements here and there, or simply a degrade in value of the car?

Personally, I think the new shells are like buying a kit car.  The part is obviously not original, but a rendition of the original.  I would rather have the original. 

 From what Dynacorn has in their FAQ, a VIN number can be transfered to a repair part.
 If the car has it's original VIN the value would not degrade. They say it is a higher quality than the original so that means it's not a perfect reproduction but how many out there had floor pans and sheet metal replaced? Is it always done like it should be? Depending of the condition of your existing shell it could be an interesting alternative and you will be sure that no rust will ever come back.

I personally feel it would be more of a kit car, or something you buy to build as a race only body.  That way you get an 'improved' body, you aren't worried about structural integrity, destroying a collector's item(how much are 40year olds with big banks spending on buying one, then paying someone to restore it nowdays?  Got a credit card?  Got a mustang!  stupid but true...) and the miles of other things that cna happen.

I personally feel it is also nice to have them, as a lot of movies today have to have the 67/68 shelby mustang, and destroy it.  i'd much rather know that they destroyed an all repro, then even destroying a clone.

Uhm, if you've got the money, why not just go ahead, and put independant front and rear susp on it, while you're at it, drop in a beast of an engine, and match it to a good 5/6 spd?

If you want a 67/68 fastback, i think that restoring an old one is the way to go.  if you want something to romp in, and you have loads of cash, buy the 'kit car'.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind racing one in an autox class, if the 'repro' body was allowed.  It should be, since it still would be the same length/width/wheelbase, but you never know.  it could be a grey area.

 Yes, their shells are perfect to build custom or race cars and it will save the original ones from being modified but I don't see anything wrong in rebuilding a salvaged Mustang with a reproduction body. Even today, there is probably many Mustangs being destroyed because of the amount of work required to restore them. If I want to buy a restored one and have the choice between one with it's original shell with new quarters, floors, rockers... and one restored with a new shell and with all it's original VIN tags, I would choose the second option. At least, I would know there will be no rust coming down the road. Depending of the restoration quality made on the first one you could have a lot of surprises.


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