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Replacement shell, or the Original?

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Buying a plastic body vintage Mustang would be like buying a 1954 Corvette kit car.  It ain't the same folks.  It is a fake.  I don't like fakes in cars anymore than I like fakes in people.  I put together a 1929 Mercedes SSK kit car so I know what I am talking about.  They are just plastic bodied "replicas" and in most cases don't fit together without some major adjustments.  The reason why those 1967 plastic bodies are being manufactured and are obviously selling for enormous big bucks is because of the "Eleanor" that was featured in the movie.  The idiots who worship that body style will pay anything to copy that movie car that supposedly ran 160 MPH.  It is not the body that makes a car fast.  Some people with too much money don't somehow understand that concept. 

No this is an all metal shell and licensed by Ford.

Oh, OK....that's a different animal than the one that was posted on several other forums made out of fiberglas.  Well, I see no reason to not buy that body anymore than buying a replacement alternator or wiring harness if you can legally transfer the VIN number.  "Legally" is the operative word.   Go for it.... but the price seems a little high. 

its high but when you consider the cost of redoing a really rusty car then it will come in at about the same cash layout.

there are numerous things the car will need like a rusty parts coupe or fastback.  but it can be done but some of the coupe interior nic nacs arent compatible

So, are you sure, 100% sure, that if I get the VIN transfered, the car will maintain value?  Part of the reason I'm going Fastback is because they are a great investment.

Well, now seeing that I can go buy a running, rust free 1966 Fastback for the price of buying the shell, I think I may keep the shell on hold.  But thanks for all the help.


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