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removing rear leaf springs

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Hi Guys,
I am doing a compleate restoration on my 1967 Mustang Coup. My question is How do you get the front bolt out off the leaf spring in the front? I took the rear bolt out but I can't get the front bolt out. I can turn it with a wrench I think it is pressed in but how can I get it out. I can't get to the bolt to hit it with a hammer either.  The rear end is out completly.
Thanks, John

Yeah, the problem with these old classics is that the front bolt on the rear leaf springs are rusted.  The only way to get that bolt off is to cut it off on both ends  of the bolt.  I used a reciprocal saw with about 5 blades to get it off, but others have used cutting torches.  The bottom line is that it has be  be  cut out. 

There's supposed to be a nut on the outside of the frame rail. With that off and a free turning bolt, a pry bar usually works. I sometimes have to resort to a 3/4 inch drive socket with a slider bar and chunk of pipe as an extender to break the nut free.

Jim, there's no problem getting the nut off.  That's not the problem.  The bolt itself is basically welded to the spring and there isn't room under there to knock it out.  The bolt is not free turning.  Again, the bolt has to be cut at both ends.    Been there, done that.   

Thanks guys for all your information. I will be out there tomorrow and I will get her done! best  of luck with all your cars and car prodjects.


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