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removing rear leaf springs

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--- Quote from: johnskull on February 12, 2009, 08:23:52 PM ---Hi Guys,
I am doing a compleate restoration on my 1967 Mustang Coup. My question is How do you get the front bolt out off the leaf spring in the front? I took the rear bolt out but I can't get the front bolt out.

I can turn it with a wrench I think it is pressed in but how can I get it out.

I can't get to the bolt to hit it with a hammer either.  The rear end is out completly.
Thanks, John

--- End quote ---

Cutting the head off will still leave a free spinning bolt with nothing to grab on. If you cut the head off and pound the remnants thru, be prepared to cut the other end of the bolt at least twice. Use a BIG hammer and make sure the body has more than jack stands holding it up.

I guess I should have been clearer. You cut the bolt on the inside of the hanger.  It is hard work, but if you have a good sawzall and about 5 or 6 tungsten blades, it will take about an hour.  Be sure the car is up on 6 jack stands.  Take the shackle  and differential loose from the spring before cutting. 

I was able to use a combination of a 7 inch and 4.5 inch cutting wheel to get these off my '68 coupe... just like Soaring said... cutting on the inside and being careful not to cut into the floor of my car.  One side of the bolt is really easy and only took like 3 minutes but the other is much more of a pain and took like 15 minutes.  Sawzall would be easier on clearance but I didn't have to go through a bunch of blades.  Of course I didn't care about keeping my leaf springs either as I was replacing them, so they got cut up some also.

Yeah, at the time I replaced mine, I didn't have an air powered cutting wheel, and that may have been the better way to go, so I just used my recip.  It was nasty work, but after about an hour and a half, the job was done. 


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