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rebuilding my steering box

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I have been toying with the idea of rebuilding my steering box in my 65 and wondering what weight lithium grease or lube to use.. maybe a 0 or 1?  Any ideas?

Do you realize you have to take the steering shaft out with the steering box in order to tear it apart in order to rebuild it?  There is no rag joint that you can disconnect from the steering shaft.  Since you have to go through all that trouble, I would suggest you look into replacing the box with a new one. 

Yes I do.. I have rebuilt just about everything on this car and I don't want to just replace parts.  I like the challenge, so I will take it apart determine what is needed and either fix it replacing the parts needed or if not recoverable then replace the box. But I would like to know what weight of grease to use. What can I say, I'm a farmer and tend to have more time than money.. ha.  Either way it still needs to come out and I learn something in the mean time.  Thanks

There has to be a ford spec grease number and replacement somewhere

Here is some good information regarding the grease.  It's just a white lithium grease you can pick up at any parts store.


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