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Rebuilding a Carbuerator 2 Barrel 2100 from my 65 mustang


Hi all,
 I have tried to tune my mustang (289 2 barrel) but still have black coming out of the butt end. Also it smells very rich in my garage when the car is running. I am now assuming I need to rebuild the carb and I have never done it before. Is there some place to get step my step instructions on how to rebuilt my carb. I can buy the gasket kit here in canada for around $25.00. Looking online it has mostly gaskets. If someone could be so kind and please send me a link to any place with a complete step by step on rebuilding my carb would be great. I do have the 1965 ford mustang shop manual but wanted to see if it is hard and if there is a step by step that I could refer to.

Thank You

I can rebuild your 2100.  Send it to me, and I will rebuild it for free labor.  The kit costs just over 20 American dollars.  The shipping it to me will be the major cost from Canada.  PM me if you want to do that.  Otherwise, it would take me about 3 hours to tell you how to do it yourself.  Or, you can follow this guide if you are good with reading instructions and good with feeling in your hands regarding adjusting. Good luck with it.


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