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rear shock length

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hi guys,

anyone got a set of rear shocks lying about 64-66?

I need the compressed and extended measurements taken from the mounting surfaces (ie the outside edge of the inner rubber bushing)

anyone able to help?


Nah, my KYB's are on the car.  Why do you need that measurement?

Brand new in opened box (but the bag of parts will remained sealed), measured closed - 10 5/8, extened - 17 3/4.
That's the best I can do for you.

thanks Jim, can you confirm where the measurement was taken? I assume thats without the steel caps and inside rubber bushes?

Glen, I bought some new Spax adjustable shocks. As you may recall i do play with my car on the open track occaisionally, so i wanted something i could quickly adjust. Double adjusting Konis are too expensive and the single ones have to be partially undone to change. THe spax have a screw adjustment on the bottom...takes 2 seconds.

anyhow, the supplier sent them and they were about 1.2" longer than the old Napa shocks that I removed. I did some measuring of the available space and figured I was in trouble!

the supplier has been pretty good about it and offered to fix the problem but I needed to know the lengths to make sure the shorter ones do fit.

I had attempted measurements to see what the ratio was between suspension travel in a vertical line was (ie between axle housing and bumpstop) and what the shock travel would be (ie this is less because the shock runs at an angle).

I couldnt get accurate measurements and the best answer i could come up with is that the shock needed to be 11.75" compressed including the inside rubbers.  Givent the old ones were around 12.8 this didnt seem right. The car is lowered but only about 3/4", so the shock travel would be reduced by less than that and the fully compressed measurement should stay the same as it is determined by the bumpstop contacting the axle housing.

I have done a fair bit of suspension mods in the last few months and the cars handling is improving. I'll post the changes and the reasoning when i get time.

thanks again for your help

 Measurements are without any hardware. I figure about 3/4 inch longer with. You do use inches down there?
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