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rear end question

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I have a 1972 mustang fastback 302. Everywhere that i have read has said that this year should have only come with a 9" rear end. However i also read that the 9" should have a "hump" on it and the 8" will not. Mine does not have the "hump" and so im confused. Can anyone clarify for me which one i have or tell me how to find out. Thanks.

Look right above your thread, and you will see the Mustang FAQ section.  Once on there, scroll down to the IX Differential section and read all about it. 
After you have read all about it, come back on here and tell us what differential you have. 

Thanks for the info, and sadly it is an 8" which might explain why my acceleration was not so great. However im still not sure as to which gear ratio i have, any suggestions as to which might be a good one? Its a 302 with an AOD in it. Thanks

There is also information on how to determine the gear ratio of your differential in that section.  Look it up and do some research.  Come back and tell us what it is. 

Thank you, i tried the link for the gear ratio and it does not work :(
is there any other place that you know of that i can go or should i just try google? Thanks


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