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REAL Wood Steering Wheel on '65 & '66 GT

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Hey I found a REAL wood Deluxe steering wheel for my '65 Mustang.  I had one on my old red car and liked it much better than the plastic fake wood ones that are factory.  YES, apparently in the 80-90's you could send your Deluxe wheel with it's cracked plastic steering wheel and have it replaced with REAL wood (I think walnut).  Dallas Mustang I'm told did the conversions.  They no longer do that and it's been 10 years since they've done it.  Good Luck finding one!
Check out my car website and hopefully I will spend the time during my 2010 Christmas break and install it. 


this has nothing to do with your steering wheel, but I was told by a parts house that Aussies were buying up American classics in droves. I read where you sold one to an Australian just curious what you know about this?

Also I am a Camaro fan big time as well, formally owned a couple nice 1st and 2nd gen. cars.


there are companies that refurnish the OEM plastic wheels and use wood instead

Yep, just like you can get an OEM "style" wood steering wheel from Sacramento Mustang for instance.

That's a beautiful interior ya got there


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