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Re: Adding A/C to an original non A/C 1973

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I'm new to these attachments, but let's see if you can see this baby![attach=6]

Shes beautiful! Is that a toploader?

Yes it is and I love the way it feels, but right now I am getting an intermittent problem where the shifter locks up while the car is sitting.  My mechanic thought it was the shifter which was very sloppy and an old OEM Hurst so we switched it out to a new Hurst shifter and the problem came back.

Once it goes in gear it is fine.  There is a lever binding on the transmission that I need to jiggle to free it and I am hoping it is just a little rust from sitting up, but if not. . .  well then I'll do what it takes to get it right.

I should be upset at pulling the old shifter, but it was so sloppy it definitely needs a full rebuild anyway, and Hurst take 8+ weeks to do one, so at least I can send it off without the car being down.

I love the toploaders i wanted to put one in mine because i love driving a manual but i didnt want to spend all that money and it would be a lot of work. So i just stuck with a c6 and put a shift kit in it. Thats weird ive never heard of a problem like that.

I suspect the reverse shift fork in the transmission is binding up from being worn or having moved on the shaft, but I am hoping it is something I can get to without pulling the transmission.  I plan to overhaul the transmission and engine in the next year or two as I want indecent sinful horsepower, but for the meantime I am going to get the suspension sorted out and get all the minor things 100%.


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