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Re: Adding A/C to an original non A/C 1973

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yeah i hate pulling out tranny's. When i do though i usually just pull the engine too with the tranny still bolted to the engine so it comes out as one and goes back in as one. Makes it a lot easier and you spend less time under the car.

Exactly the way I would do it.  I have an engine hoist so I can do it when the time comes, but I'd like to put that off until . . . well for a nice long time!

I hear ya

How did we go from airconditioners to transmissions in one thread?  I may have to figure out how to split this thread into two separate threads. 

Well let me get back on topic.  I went to the local Pull A Part cause I saw there was a 72 mustang in stock.  It was a sad thing to see though it turned out to be a 73 coupe with a 351 2v engine.  It was however an original AC car and though the AC unit was long gone the control was still in the dash center panel which was disconnected!  Also present was the upper vent that non AC cars don't have.  I grabbed the panel and bought it for a whopping $7.85.  I don't know if the controls will work, but for the price if all I get is the vent I'm ahead of the game.

The rest of the car looked rough and the majority of the parts had already been stripped. but overall the trip was worth while.  I even picked up a space saver spare for 15.00 (no not the original type, but one that will at least work in a pinch and fits in my tiny trunk.

I'll try to stay on topic for now on.


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