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Questions on 351C Performance

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You received many great suggestions from the other posters here but let me jump out on a limb here.  There was no mention of the condition of the long block.  Your information says you are a newbie, like me, however I do have a sound foundation in mechanics.  So here goes.

The first thing that you should be sure of is that all the cylinders are working properly.  To do this you need to perform, or have performed, a compression check.  If the compression across all eight cylinders is not within specs you can rebuild carburators, change plugs and wires, add headers, or anything else you want to do, and the engine will never run quite right or give you the advantages of all the things you have added to it.  So if you haven't, do a compression check.  If that shows the motor is okay then definitely consider the comments of those before mine.  If not, then rebuild the block, or get a new one, then consider those comments.

Good luck.


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