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Problems with 65 Ford AC Compressor

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I'm new to this so hopefully this is the correct forum...

I have a 65 Mustang with the original Ford A/C.  I just got the AC working but the compressor is making a very loud noise when running and looks as if it's going to self-implode.  Needless to say, I quit running it.

Does anyone have an old compressor to sell or recommendations on getting one rebuilt?  We've already checked the bracket, belt, etc. so I know it's none of those parts.

I attached a picture in case that helps.

I had to replace my 1968 stock compressor last year shortly after getting it running.  Advance Autoparts has a reman. for under $140 and Oreilly $130.  I also changed from the original R-12 to ES-12a Envirosafe refrigerant.  I highly recommend doing a search on Google to consider ES-12a refrigerant over converting to R132.

If your not concerned with the original look then you might consider converting to the newer Sanden compressors.  Again do a search on Google to research.

The same thing happened to my original compressor.  It is  just plain old worn out.  Yes, you can get a replacement compressor for under 150 bux, but the most efficient one is the Sanden as mentioned.  However, they are over 400 bux.  I have the 134A in mine, and she cools just fine.  And, you can get it at Wally World.   ;D

Thanks.  Right now everything is original which is how I'm trying to keep it. The car still has under 66k miles.  I did convert the freon though.

From what I understand, if I get a different compressor, then I will need to swap out many other components as well.  Any idea if that is the case with the other compressors you guys mentioned? 

I'm not mechanically inclined so I apologize ahead of time if that's a stupid question.

With the Sanden, you need to alter the mounting hardware, so if you want it to look original, I would stick to the original less than 150 bux compressor.  Save that tag from your old one so you can put it on the new "original" compressor.  Remember that under EPA laws, you can't just let that freon "fly".  You must take the car to an airconditioner place and have them take it out of your car and store it.  After you get the new compressor in there, then take the car back to them and have them service it with new freon and do the dryer thing.  You will save a little  bit of money by doing the compressor swap yourself, but if you want it done right, then take the car and the new compressor to a car Aircon place and have them do the whole swap. 


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