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I found a 68 power steering #110344235991 is the ebay # I want to know if this will fit my 67 Mustang coupe 289, also are rebuild kit easy to do and is this worth it any help would be great Thanks Jeff

A 68 power steering setup should work in a 67. The only difference in front end components are the disc brakes; the 67 uses a 65-66 type and the 68 uses a 69 type. Drum brakes are the same for 67 and 68. I would recomend that you get all new hoses. I've rebuilt control valves and it's not difficult. Get a 67 Ford Service manual as it's the best source of information. Most of the rams I've dealt with were bent so I got new ones. If you determine that you need a new pump, get the pulley off. It is special to your engine and car model. You will need special tools to get it off. Also, make sure you get the correct lower pulley.


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