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Power steering pump

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Hey guys need to know if anyone out there has any idea if all the power sterring pumps in the 73 models are the same. What I mean is that you can make them power or leave them alone I know it is a weird question but I am a weird guy. hey race hurry up with that car I want to know what it is going to in my rear view window,lol. STANG OUT

what you see is me in your rear view but its just me giving you 7 car lenght head start,just like on pinks. he heh hheeee

From what i have seen all models from 71 to 73 should be the same.

Jerry Baker:
I see a race on pinks about to get started.

And yes Im not the best hands on guy but they pumps should be the same and you may even beable to use other years as long as you can get them mounted

I hope so mqan I got one and think I can  get it to work as long as I get the pump whihc is too easy.Stang out


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