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Hi fellow Mustang enthusiasts,

I own a 65 mustang convertible, 289 V8 automatic.  Over the period of last year, I have completely rebuilt and restored the car.  The engine has not completely been rebuilt but I've installed Edelbrock aluminum heads, intake manifold and 4v carburetor.  In the start-up process, I let the power steering pump turn without oil accidentally, and after adding oil it leaked. 
The pump is a long-neck type used for air conditioning system. 
I have now removed the pump from the car and want to know how I can determine whether the pump is still in working order (not burned or broken).  The reason for concern is that I can turn the wheel easily except it blocks intermittently.  By turning is back slightly the block removes and I can turn it again.  Does anyone know how I can determine if the pump is till OK?

Email Randy Meyers at  Randy's company specializes in ford power steering pumps and power steering rams.



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