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Power Steering Hose



I was under the 67' noticed a very cracked hose coming out of my power steering unit that is mounted on the engine don't know the name? There is an upper hose with metal connector that looks fine, the other hose(bottom) is clamped to the housing with a standard hose clamp. It runs down to the ram but can't tell how it connects until I get the car on stands. My question: Is this difficult for me to change myself? If not what type of rated hose do I buy? and after it has been changed is there anything that needs to be bled because I am sure I will loose PS fluid. Or should I just take to a pro and have it changed out? I have limited skills but can do basic mechanics. Attached are two pictures one of the unit on engine (top hose) and the other of the top of the ram the (smooth hose) needs changing.

Thanks in advance,


Changing those hoses is pretty tricky.  You should probably just take it to a pro. 

Thank you for the advise, I will do that.



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