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Power steering help needed.

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Hi All.
Just got my Mustang back from having the power steering box reconditioned. Its had a new ram  and power control valve kit fitted. I took it to a steering specialist. Didn't want to mess with the steering myself.
When i collected it i noticed that as you drive it is harder to turn the steering wheel to the right than it was to turn it to the left. Ie the right turn has more resistance than the left.
I jacked up the front so the wheels were off the ground. And turned the steering whilst the car was not running. It felt equal left and right.
So am i right in thinking that because the steering is ok when the PAS is off then when the PAS is on, the fault appears, means that the power control valve is incorrectly adjusted?
Hope i explained that ok :)
I told the guy that did the work what was happening. He says that i should drive it for a couple of weeks to see if it will bed in. What do you all think.

He just doesn't want to work on it any more.  I've never heard of "bed in."  But since you have the warranty on his work (I hope you do) I would take his advice, and if it doesn't improve, I'd  take it right back to him. 

Its going back this week, to be done properly this time.
He says he will balance it on the bench.

Let us know how it turns out. 

Got the mustang back, very pleased with the result. No play nice and tight. The guy doesn't normally open on saturdays but he went in to sort it. So couldn't be too mad at him.


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