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Power steering help needed.

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Consider the final outcome if and when you are asked for a referral. Some shops will ignore your complaints (can you say "lawyer"), some will whine but do you right and some will fix their mistakes no questions asked. The latter are few and far between.

Agreed Jim.
This guy did his best for me in the end. Even opened on the weekend, so i could get my car back. I think we reached an understanding. He knew he should have got it right before releasing the car. But made up for it. I will use him again.

Sounds like an honest mechanic to me.  Glad you got her squared away. 


--- Quote from: muncher on August 21, 2010, 04:04:35 AM ---Got the mustang back, very pleased with the result. No play nice and tight. The guy doesn't normally open on saturdays but he went in to sort it. So couldn't be too mad at him.

--- End quote ---

Did he say what the problem was?  My 66 is doing the same thing.  I can make left hand turns just fine but to the right is very tough.  Thanks.

He told me he had to send the unit in to have it balanced on the bench. There is a valve in there that is adjusted and is sometimes difficult to balance equally. They use a gauge to get it accurately set. Mine was normal turning left but turning right was almost like there was no power streering. Made it difficult to drive.
Hope that helps.


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