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pony carb vs Benchwick carb any takers


I need to have my carburetor restored, apperently pony carb's is prety good but there is another shop in ohio called Benchwicks. Has anybody had any dealings with any of them.
Pony's charges are $239 plus shipping and it takes about 10 days to get it back.
Benchwick charges are $165 includes shipping and the turn around time is about 5 days.
I am having problems with surging and stalls and the pull down adjusting nut is broken on the choke rod  so now the choke plate is free and stays open all the way.
Any suggestions

I overhaul my own carbs, so don't have much experience with anybody but Ponycarbs because of all the chat traffic they receive on here and other Mustang sites.  For that little difference, I would go with PonyCarbs since the other is not a widely known one.  If you go into Autozone and other parts places, you are looking at between 500 and 800 bucks.  So, to me, 239 is a bargain.   That's my 2 cents worth.   ;D


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