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Im looking for  some one who has painted there car at home meanning out in th elements or in the garage.  Whay paint did you use and where did yu get it?

Hang tight, Stephen will be along soon. 

Thanks I'll be waiting

66 restomod:
We painted our 66 ourselves at home. We are putting it all back together now and color sanding and buffing today.
Here is how we shot the epoxy primer:
Here is the Basecoat/ Clearcoat
Here is the outdoor spray booth we built, safety considerations, things to think about and lessons learned:
  I will be happy to answers questions about what learned by doing this project.
 Used PPG epoxy, TCPGlobal high build primer and BC/CC

for the backyard painter I like the Omni/shopline from PPG its good paint for the money and if you need to go back and try something over its a 300 mistake instead of a 1K$ mistake


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