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Overhauling 289
« on: September 20, 2010, 08:07:05 PM »
Hello Everyone!!

I have a beautiful 1965 coupe stock whimbilton white. The car is in great condition besides the corrosion it has on the undercarriage from 2 years on the coast.

The engine needs an overhaul, and I have a great shop with most of the tools I should need.

I know I want to get some new headers, the old manifolds are rusted beyond recognition; I'm looking for the performance increase, cosmetic increase, and sound increase that a decent pair of headers will give me. My question is the performance/quality difference between a pair of headers that costs 160$ as apposed to a 300$ pair? Is it really worth the extra money if I'm just looking to replace my stock manifolds.

Thinking about getting a Magnaflow 15815; I was wondering if there are any cheaper Exhaust systems with similar performance.

I'm want to replace the carb with a good 4 barrle, any suggestions for a good run of the mill carb that should bring some life to my old 289?

Is there anything else major that I should think about replacing? Ofcourse I'll be doing all gaskets and other small items.

One more thing, my engine has this problem if I punch the gas quickly then hit the break, then engine will die; this is a problem whenever I'm stopped at an intersection, accelerate when it looks clear, then end up having to slam the breaks to avoid someone; this leaves me stranded in the middle of an intersection, then I have turn the power to car off, then restart the engine. Anyone have any idea what's the culperate for this problem?

Thanks for any help or suggestions you guys may give me :D  ................. Ben



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