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overflowing carb

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I have a 67 Coupe with an engine that indicates it is a 1971 302, 2bbl.  The carb overflows from the vent over the float.  Is this the float or the needle/valve?  This doesn't happen every time, but about half the time. 

Yes. The float is attached to the needle (or vice versa). If it's a 2100 carb, it's easy to rebuild. Glen (Soaring) will do it for a fee.

Yeah, that 2100 needs to be rebuilt.  The rubber tip on the needle has worn out, and most likely the seat is grooved.  The good news is that you are still getting a good flow of fuel to that point which rules out a bunch of other problems.  PM me and I will give you my address and all to send the carb to me to overhaul it for nothing except the cost of the kit and shipping , or you can buy an overhauled one from for about 350 bux.  Your call.

Jim/Glenn, thank you for the input.  I was wishing for some quick fix like an adjustment, but your opinions just confirmed that I need a rebuild. 

I think I will try to do this myself.  I do a lot of my own work and since it's not my daily driver, I can afford to have it take more than a day or two, if I run into problems.

Thank you.

Not a problem.  Get the little aluminum tag off the front corner of the carb and take that to autozone or whover so you get the right kit.  Most kits are exactly the same for the 2100 though so it really isn't all that important if there isn't a tag there.  Just tell the clerk that it is a  2100 Motorcraft carb off of a 67 289 Mustang.  You also need to pick up a gallon bucket of carb cleaner to soak the parts over night.   It has a little bucket with holes in it to put the small parts in such as the screws.  Also get a round parts brush, and a spray can of carb cleaner.  Once you get the carb brushed down real good, then use the spray to blow out all the passages inside the carb. You will need an air compressor so that you can blow out the inside after you get it clean.   Follow the directions that come with the kit, and you should be good to go.  Good luck with it and let us know how your new found skill worked.   ;D


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