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i have a 69 mach 1 S coded car.I finally pulled the motor last night.I found the factory build sheet under the carpet which was a great find.Its the 390 with c6 trans. I found the Trans has the correct codes on it but the motor was replaced with a hiperformance 390 from a company called hi-tech performance engines.(bummer)

Anyways im not sure if I should try to stay original on the rest of the car?Id personally like to put a 351 in it witha 4sp toploader.But what does that do to the value from a collector standpoint? Should i just rebuild what i have & put it back in? Not sure on values now.Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.Its going to paint this week.I am getting excited to see it done! :o

Any engine swap reduces a car's value. That's the facts. It apears that you are already there.

First of all, that 390 is a big block fire eating monster.  I would not take it out and put in a 351.  What changes are you thinking about making?  If you are planning on making it into a Restomod or an Eleanor,  the value will plummet.  But if you make changes that can be reversed like new wheels that are not period correct, the  car will hold its' present value.  Personally, I respect the original Mustangs, so  I would not change a thing.  But, it's your car........

pretty much wanted to keep it all original.Was hoping it had the original correct #s engine in it. But i would like to keep it all original as i have all the original parts for it.Wouldnt mind bumpin the HP a little.Like to find headers that actually fit better than the long tube hookers that i had to cut at to get the motor out!

No one will know unless they really look hard thet the engine is not original. If you got a 69 block it would be impossible really. Thats the only real give away. Things happen parts get replaced as long as oridginal intent is kept I dont think it that big a factor. You pull it and replace it with an un correct engine and that will lower the cars value. 69's are a really collectible year so I would keep that in mind for sure.


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