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opinions needed


ok so i have the (i believe) original 302 in my car. its only got around 110k miles on it. im thinking of doing a rebuild on it just to freshen it up. would it be worth my time to stroke it to a 347 while i have it all apart etc? or should i just put it back together cleaned up and with new parts? what do ya guys think? thanks any advice would be greatly appreciated

If your car is original keep it that way, if not, then it really does not matter as much.

Well im not too sure how original the car is thats my biggest problem. all three of the VIN's ive pulled off of it dont match. one says that it was a 351 with a 3 speed manual with a paint color that i could not find anywhere on the body. when i got the car (a year ago in august) it had a 302 and an FMX in it. after driving to and from school for a few weeks the FMX lost 3rd and reverse so i did an AOD conversion, so i dont know how "original" it really is. thanks for the input i appreciate it

It is obviously not anywhere close to being original, so stroke the hell out of it.  Make it a fun car to drive. 

awesome sounds good thanks for the advice guys


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