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Opinion on wheels and caps for a classic

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I put on the old original wheels and caps on O{l' Yeller today, and I am pleased with the look.  The Mag 500's that I have had on her for several years just didn't seem right all these years, and since the Goodyear tires finally wore out, I just made a decision to replace them with the original wheels and tires.  What do you think? 


The single wheel looks good up close. When you can take a slight distance picture of Yeller and post so we can see the whole car.

I have shown Ol Yeller several times on here, but here goes with the old wheels and caps. 

I liked your Mag 500's but I also think that your car looks much better with the stock wheels.
I got this picture from the September photo contest so we can see the difference.

Yeah, I'll keep the Mag 500's because I may just want to buy a new set of tires and run the mags again some day.  If this is all I have to worry about, I don't have much to worry about.   ;D


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