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I have a crate 460 in my truck and i do a decent amount of heavy hauling with it, the motor has around 5k miles on it, which oil should i use? I haven't changed the oil yet since ive had it and im planning on doing it so i want to get the right oil, thanks.

Go synthetic as soon as you can.  There's Royal Purple which is expensive, and oil tests have shown it to be not much better than Mobil 1.  I use Mobil 1 in all three of my Fords.  And, either get a Wix or a Motorcraft filter.  Mobil 1 costs a little more than dino oil, but you can drive a couple thousand miles further between oil changes.  I change my oil at around 6 thousand miles, and the oil is still almost golden in color.  My 2 cents.

Most new engines use a lighter grade of oil, 5-20W or 10-20W instead of 30-50W, so you might have to back track to the engine's supplier to verify the grade required. If it's a crate, a Ford dealer may be able to help you there. If it's a rebuilt (not new), go with 30. As to synthetic - save your money for wine and change your oil every 3000 miles. Brand is another "touchy" subject.

Thanks for the reply's guys. I know for sure its a crate motor but i don't know what it is or where he got it, when i bought the truck the guy had just put the motor in it. I was thinking about going like 5-30w but someone told me 20-50 so i don't know.

I'll suggest a different route since your truck is a 74 and I assume it does not have catalytic converters.  Rottella 15-40 diesel oil works great.  I have run it in several vehicle up to 185,000 miles (got totaled at that point) without any oil usage or loss in performance.

Zinc additives are also great in old style motors but are hell on converters.


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