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I  need help finding out the dangers of a hi-pressure oil pump. Heres the problem I did a cam swap and I replaced my oil pump with a hi-pressure pump,now doing cam breakin I have oil pushing out from around the oil filter.should I change the pump or can I leave it in place will it do harm after I start driving,like starving the bottom end of the motor?

I've never been a fan of hi pressure oil pumps, and only heard bad things about them. As for changing it out im not sure, but it sounds like you might want to.

ol dirty doug:
i have used them in the past and the only down side is that under wot you might suck all the oil out of the pan and that can be bad, get a larger sump pan, as far as the oil leak i have never seen that before, clean the seal and the block and tighten the crap out of it. 

You need a 7 quart pan to keep from running out of oil in the pan under WOT with a high pressure pump.  You just don't have the filter in place correctly if it is leaking.  Get a new Motorcraft or Wix filter, then go backwards to spin it on to get the threads lined up, then spin it on forwards, only using your hands to get it tight.  If it leaks after that then you have other problems than the high pressure pump. 

A high pressure oil pump is just that, high pressure. It achieves high volumn via high pressure. The down side are: running out of oil at high RPMs; seepage in fittings and mating surfaces; splitting the oil filter's seams as I did with a race preped 1968cc (120CID)VW engine with a stock oil filter. Use a Motorcraft HP-1, about $16- $20.


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