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Odd U-Joint issue

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Ok so I use my '66 as a daily driver, and recently I noticed an oscillating high pitch sound whenever the car was moving in reverse. So this past Saturday I figured it would a be a good idea to replace the u-joints. After running to the parts store I jacked the rear of the car up and placed it on jack stands (with tire chocks for the front tires). I then unbolted the drive line and pulled it out. With the drive line on the work bench I proceded to remove and inspect the u-joints. I found that one of the lobes was almost completely rusted solid!!! Then I noticed that the seals on the u-joint were cork. So the only thing I can think of is that they were the original u-joints the car shipped with or were replaced shortly after the car was purchased.

So I replaced both u-joint and no more squeaking when in reverse. I was just wondering if I am right about the age of the prevoius u-joints. Sorry i did not get pictures as i wanted to finish fixing the car and then cleaning up.


If the U-joints did not have a Zerk grease fitting, the were probably original equipment.
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Are you sure about that Jim?  I bought my car about 20 years ago and it only had like 70K miles on it.  It has grease zerks, and I can't imagine Ford putting on U joints at the factory back then without the zerks.  As far a cork anything, I don't know.  Why in hell would you have cork on a U-Joint?   ???  Cork won't hold grease.  That's a mystery to me. 

Well they both had zerk fittings on them, and the cork seals were coated in some kind of rubber coating. Kind of like older valve cover caskets.

Then, they were most likely the original U-Joints.  Just replace them and throw that old stuff away.  Be sure not to over torque the bolts. 


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