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No brake lights

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I've got a '64 1/2 289.  I've got headlights, parking lights, and turn signals, but no brake lights.  Also the dash light for one of the turn signals is out.  Since the parking lights come on, I believe it is safe to assume that its a wiring issue.  My plan is to remove the stoplight switch and clean the wire terminals at the connector.  I gathered this from a manual I'm reading, so I've never done it before...does anyone have any suggestions?  How about getting to and replacing the turn signal light thats out?

Rat Fink:
Jump across the two wires on the brake switch, this will tell you if the switch is bad or not. If your brake lights come on, replace the switch.

Man, I really need a manual dedicated to the 64 1/2.  The Haynes manual I have shows the exact same switch you posted, along with a diagram on where it is located.  So I removed the front seat, wedged myself under the dash switch.  I rooted around thinkin it might be hidden, but how could it be if it was supposed to be connected to the brake pedal?  The answer is that it is under the hood, screwed onto a coupling to the master cylinder.  The only reason I can think that it would be different is because of the generator, since it was the only model to have one.  My manual only gives you diagrams of the most common design for Mustangs b/w 64.5 - 73, which in cases like this is completely different than what I'm looking at.  Any ideas on a definitive 64.5 manual?

Dunno off the top of my head man, but one guess wold be to check on the master cylinder. I have seen the switches located there on older fords.

Yep, that was it.  On top attached to the master cylinder.  I replaced it because it was pretty corroded and the part was cheap.  Unfortunately it did not give me brake lights.  I did a little more research and found out that the brake lights run through the head lights via a circuit breaker.  So I picked up a replacement circuit breaker in the hope of replacing it but I don't know where it is.  Can some help...and if I'm goin about this a$$-backwards, please stop me.



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