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No brake lights

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I recommend checking the wiring diagrams on the following webpage and they will point you to the correct location for the circut breaker.

I also recommend checking out the diagram for the 66 exterior lighting. It might help some.


Do the brake lights come on if you connect the two wires going to the switch terminals?  If they do then either the switch is bad and you need to replace it, you do not have the right switch and you need to get the right switch or you're not getting pressure from the master cylinder to activate the switch.

To replace the turn indicator you need to remove the instrument cluster enough to get you hand in behind it to pull the socket for that bulb from the back of the cluster, replace the bulb and reinstall the socket in the cluster.  Remember that the speedometer cable may have to be removed from the rear of the speedometer to get enough clearance.  Also put a towel or other pad on top of the steering column so you don't scratch it up.


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