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Newbie with some questions

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Hi all just got my first Stang a 65 coupe and have a few questions. As I am anewbie! : )

1. The car has a 200 with a 3-speed and sounds real strong but the power is not there when I put it in 1st and it kinda revs high but moves hardly at all. So does the clutch just need adjusted? If so how to do it?
2. I have a shot at a 289 with a (c4 or 5?) and was wondering a good price for this engine would be? And would it bolt up to my 3-speed, if not what would I need to run this engine in my car? mounts, etc...
3. Does anyone have measurements for the quarter panel placement cause I replaced the lower quarter (had it done by a pro and the drivers side needs done too so cant compare to that side) and it lined up perfect but I got a valance from someone and it does not seem to fit as nice as I have seen others fit, although I have seen a wide range of fits for this piece. So would like measurements like from trunk down, door back, etc.. whatever you think would help?

I know this is asking alot so thanks alot in advance for all your help.


hey, ill give a whirl at ur questions
 1) I have a 66 coupe with a 200 and a 3 speed, when i first got the car it ran horrible. but like yours it sounded like the power was there. What i did to fix this 1. Tune up- new plugs, wires, distributor cap,  rotor, and points. This gave me a decent come back in power.   2. After having the car about 3 months the timing chain oil pump ad distributor all went at the same time.   3. My cooling system was also in pretty bad condition, i replaced the radiator with a 3-row instead of the stock 2-row, water pump and heater core because the hoses on mine were cut by the previous owner due to a leak.   4. Me and my Dad had a friend who works on tranmissions for a living and he checked it out for us,  my clutch was destroyed with pitts so bad they were just holes.  My recomendation is find a mechanic u like and have him do an in depth checking of the car.  But my car runs great now and the power is definitely restored. Hoped I answered that question.
 2) I cant give u a price on the engine but i have heard from quite a lot of people that if you bolt a 289 to the 3 spd you will tear it to shreads.  My friend had a friend who tried this and he blew out first gear wrecking his trany. I have also heard that the differential has be upgraded to take the power.
 3) About the quarter panel try these few websites:   - catalog order on this site is best way to go
I have gotten all my parts to start to rebuild my car from these sites with the help of local autostores

Hope i was of help    -Bill

Thanks for the great comments. Does anybody else have anything to add?

most of the time new parts will not fit, either due to being warped buy the heat of the welder or just poorly made. I am running into this with my 73's new fender and the stock aprin will not fit, just take alot of messaging and cutting.

As for the v-8 keep it and sell the 200 and 3 speed, they are very week. to make it fit just need a new bell houseing and like hockbery30 said it would be wise to upgrade the rear end, also you might have to get new front spring to hold the new added weight and power.

Thanks for the info racedraper, but I should add that the valance I got is an original. Oh and hey its awesome cause you are from Kansas City, I used to live right up the road from where you work in Liberty and gladstone and independence and Lees summit before moving back here to PA. I sure miss it there alot.


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