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I'm starting a new project. A 1966 Mustang, I want it to be a good driver on a budget. It's got the Ford wander so I've looked over the steering assembly. It seems the steering box will need replaced. It's been a long time since I've driven something with manual brakes and steering. Can I upgrade to disk brakes without going to power? What is a good fit? Will it help much? It was a 3 speed car, the previous owner installed a C4 w/shift kit and rachet shifter. Has any one installed a stock shifter or one that is close on this setup?

My son wants me to put a shaker hood scoop on it. I've never seen one on a 66, is it possible?

Thanks any help would be appreciated.

Im not sure what your "budget" would include but there is a great disc conversion kit i found, comes with everything its all 4 wheels, you can install the kit and drive it that day without buying anything else. It is kind of expensive though, i just wanted to point it out to show you some options.

As for the shaker hood ive only seen that on 69-70 but i guess its possible? I dont know for sure though. Good luck

Being a newbie, I just searched the site and found a lot on a Granada conversion. But will manual disks be that much of a inprovement over drums?

I would suggest going the power disc route, but even with disc over drums i guess you would still feel an improvement.

These little cars are so light, you would be wasting money on a power brake set-up.  Just swap to disks and you will notice an improvement in braking power.  I recommend Dennis Ginsberg's swap kit.  It includes absolutely everything you need, and I believe he is still in the $600 neighborhood.  It is an excellent kit at a decent price.

As far as the steering box is concerned they are a bitch to change to a new one like a flaming river box because there is no rag joint.  You have to remove the entire steering column and replace the entire steering column.  The first thing you should do is try to tighten the old one.  Look at the top of the box, and you have a bolt sticking up with a notch that you can fit a screwdriver in.  Turn your steering wheel all the way to the left, then loosen the nut and turn that notched bolt with a screwdriver until it bottoms out, then back off just a tad, then tighten the nut up. 
As far as the suspension is concerned, look at the top of this Classic section and you will notice a FAQ section.  Go there and look up "suspension," there is a ton of information there.


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