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new owner 1965 straight six with leaky freeze plug


Hello:  I am a new and proud owner of a 1965 mustang, straight six, who does not know that much about cars but is learning. We replaced a blown freeze plug and it blew again. We realized we had used the worng permatex, so we replaced it again with the right permatex and let it dry really well. Its still leaking. Any suggestions?

First off welcome to the site and congratulations on your new purchase.  I'll have to do some checking to see what I can find out.

There are basically  two types of freeze plugs.  The metal ones that you have to use with a water proof sealer, and the rubber type that has a nut that you tighten to make it stay in the hole.  My suggestion is to get the rubber type and tighten it real well and see if that cures the problem.  How it works is that as you tighten the nut, the rubber expands in the hole, and can expand to as much as a 1/2 inch.  Here is a pic of one so you know what it looks like at the store.  Autozone carries them for sure.  BTW, welcome to the site.  Come back often. 

I call the rubber type a quick emergency fix  ;).  They will work and stay in as long as you keep the nut tight.  If it get loose it will blow out too.  If the metal type (I perfer the brass type  ;D) keep blowing out it is more than likely from improper installatioin.  Make sure the plug is in even all the way around and not at an angle.

you dont have a blown headgasket do you??


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