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Hey everyone, This is my first Mustang!  This is my first project car!  This is my first (definitely not my last) time on this forum!

I got a 67' coupe that was barely in running condition.  Im about the 4th owner of the car.  I believe it's the original 289 block that came with the car.  Only thing past owner did was change to a 4 brrl. carburetor. Suspension's pretty bad and currently has front and rear drum brakes.  Really good and straight body.  No rust, though a friend said I may need to replace some small panels.  Black interior's ok, and the shell's covered in primer.

I plan on doing a full restoration, as of right now, i'm thinking its going to be more for cruising and leisure purposes.  I'll probably rebuild the engine to the original car code, but maybe get a bit creative with the interior and paintjob.  what do you guys think?

I've currently taken apart the entire engine and the got nothing but the cast iron block on the stand.  Thinking of getting it hot tank.  That's about as far as I am right now.  Im researching some rebuild kits...any tips and suggestions?

Hey, welcome to the site.  Now that you have the 289 torn down to the block, it's time you took it to the machine shop to have it tanked and bored to 0.030 over and have 0.030 pistons put in.  Your choice about going with original parts, and I suggest that you do, unless you want to spend a ton to make it a hot rod.  There are some things we can suggest if you do decide to heat it up.  As far as the body and interior, there are also various levels of resurrection you can do.  The more you do, the more it will cost of course.  If you can do most of the work yourself, you will be money ahead.  Again, welcome to the site, and if we can be of help with specific questions, don't be afraid to chime in. 

 Welcome to the site ProjectAbby. I'm like Soaring, I would suggest to restore it to it's original condition or at least use bolt on parts so you can bring it back to it's original condition in case one day you decide to sell it.
 But this is your car and only you can decide what to do with it :)
If you have any questions or photos of your project, post away  ;)

Welcome and good luck with the resto.  I just finished my 1st project, a 1968 Coupe.  I thought it'd take a year but it ended up taking 3 years. Here's a link to my web page that I'm sure will be of some help.

welcome, you own it make it yours ;D modify where you want


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