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Hey guys, Some of you may know me from the other site... I see Soaring, and Rmodel... some on my old buddies. I miss you guys! and not in a fruity way... haha.

Welcome to this site old buddy.  We have a good time discussing Mustangs on this site, so stick around.
Rmodel and Jim Curylo hang in here too. 

Yeah, I need a place to shoot the shit. lol. So whats up with this site? who owns/runs it, how many members we got, etc.?

Thierry is a Canadian who owns the site.  I am one of the mods, and we are a pretty friendly site.  The forum has been building for a year or so now, so expect it to grow a lot.  The guys and gals on here are pretty mature folks, so not much teen ager crap.  Hang around.  I brought my FAQ to the classic section on here in case you need some information. 

Haha, Well i've finally grown up a bit and im 21 year old now. I actually drive a 2004 pontiac GTO now. I have a 2000 mustang GT and a 1988 mustang 5.0 along with my 66 still. My dad is trying to sell his 67 convertible. :(  I still love mustangs and i do love my GTO. 350hp stock is not too shabby!


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