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Need Help with a PROBLEM


Hey yall
I need your help with a problem. Ok to start i have a 66 mustang coupe that i have converted into a shelby clone. I have installed a mustang ll front suspension. I have built and installed a 1969 351W between the fenders. I just installed the 67 style Shelby hood for the 65-66 model. On the motor i have installed a edelbrock RPM intake that is regular height, no spacer. and topped it with a holly 750 vac sec w/ electric choke. And heres my problem, I have no room for a air cleaner to fit. i only have 2 inches of room at the most. Has anyone else here had this problem? Does anyone know of a drop base that will clear a vac sec system, neither proform or K&N fit, already tried. CUTTING a hole in the hood is not an option.
Thanks for your help ahead of time.

    I want to help you in your problem but I am not too good to that.,


You have too much motor and carburetor for the engine compartment and hood don't you?  At this point, you need to shop around for a 1 and 3/4 inch thick filter for that carb, or find some motor mounts that can drop that engine down an inch or two, or if you have welding skills, you can modify your current motor mounts.  You can't come down too much though for fear of not lining up with the tranny and the radiator.   

Have you actually tried the hood on for clearance?  If you are looking across the hood and you think it looks like "No way will that fit!" but once you try the hood, you'll see the hood actually bevels upward and is "buldged" on top.  I thought the same thing with my 650 and edelbrock RPM, but once I got everything installed with the "Cobra" oval air cleaner, it all went in just fine.  No problems.  And I had about 3/4" clearance after it was all installed. ;D

The oval air cleaner is pretty thin as far as air cleaners go...maybe 1 1/2" to 2" thick.


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