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Need advice: 1998 Explorer 5.0 in a '65

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I need some advice. I have been told that a mid-90s Explorer 5.0 will work in a 65. Does anyone have experience with this? I have a line on a 98 5.0, but want to know if any special mods have to be done to make this happen. Is there room?

If your Mustang is already a V8 then it's an easy swap.  If you want to keep the fuel injection it will be more complicated to incorporate that.  You MAY need to change the bellhousing, depending on how early your car is (early V8 cars had 5 bolt bellhousings, later ones use 6 bolt units).

If you have a stick shift the new block may not have the hole tapped in the side for the stock clutch bellcrank.  There are kits sold in the aftermarket to add this or you can just drill and tap a hole in the 5.0 block.

a 98 5.0 from an explorer will require GT40p specific headers but its a great motor to use...if you add a cam and some roller rockers get the correct 50oz flywheel and balancer for your motor and reuse your stock timing cover(there is no fuel pump ecentric on these roller cam motors) an electric fuel pump etc youll easily have a 300hp motor

Thanks to everyone that replied. I bought the Explorer this weekend and look forward to my new project! Your advice and experience were very valuable to me...keep it coming as this is going to be an ongoing thing!


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