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Need 4-5 speed trans


Ok..time is up for the original 3 speed trans in my 1970 mustang.

I want a 4 or 5 speed and I what it to snap write in.

Who's got what I need?



keisler engineering  T45 5 speed-use factory bellhousing and clutches-they even custom make you a driveshaft.  We had to clip about a 1/4 by 2" piece of metal out of the transmission tunnel underneath the shifter and modify the motor mounts to get perfect fit and drivetrain alignment.  everything in one package

Jeff - you had to make those modifications to a 1973?


Yes if you want the drive line angle to be right you really do need to modify the motor mounts-it is not a big deal and Keisler sends you technical drawings.  As to the tunnel mod-it is close, but we trimmed that little bit of a tab off of mine just to avoid interference under acceleration.


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