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Mustang 1966 carburator


Ok guys concentrate on this one ... i've got a question for you that needs an answer to solve my problem 

In my attachement you'll find a picture of my Autolite 2100 carb of my 1966 Mustang Coupe
Nothing special just dirty and i'm cleaning it. But the strange thing is this. When you look at the picture I marked an area with a red frame.

2 questions i have:
1) why is my fuel bowl vent open (there is a hole in it ) ? Am i missing something cause all other Autolite carbs have a closed fuel bowl vent ...
2) what is the lever used for in front of the fuel bowl vent ?

The reason why i am asking this question is because every time i "put the pedal to the metal" i notice that the top of my carb is moist with fuel and fuel comes
leaking down after a while ... something i obviously dont want.

Does anybody know the solution to my problem ? Does someone have a picture of how it should be ?


welcome to the mustang V-8. club
if it sprayes out when your trying to start it ,might be timing.
Im looking up for yeah,but scratching my head.
All else fails just upgrade to a new like I did.

I have the same carb on my 68 Mustang.  I can't really give you any answers to your questions, but thought it might help to know that my 68 is the same.  Mine has a rubber circle attached to the arm that covers the hole.  I can't tell from the picture if yours has the rubber piece.  I've never seen this lever move when I have someone push on the throttle or if I do it from the engine compartment, so I wouldn't mind knowing what it's for and how to properly adjust it.


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