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I bought a Monte Carlo Bar, but have not installed it for 2 reasons.

1st the bar is straight as I could not find a curved bar.  I want to run an HEI distributor and will need the curve for clearance.

2nd the bar will pull my shock towers in 1/4 to 3/8th of an inch.  I feel certain that this will affect my alignment settings to some degree. I assume negative camber will increase and possibly toe in a bit and I have it set where I want it. I don't mind getting another alignment, but I do have another option.

My intention is to get a piece of tubing bent and make my own bar using the end brackets.  My option is to make it just a bit longer to fit the car's current "set", or to make it the dimensions of the bar in hand. 

I am undecided as to which way to go.  If the bar I have is the correct dimension, duplicating it would probably be best, but how do I know that the bar isn't that 1/4 to 3/8th inch short due to normal variations or design error?

Any ideas?

The Monte Carlo bars are generally the right length and will push your fenders out a tad because thes old uni-body cars tend to push the shock towers in after years of running.  Most guys have a problem of getting a Monte to fit because the monte is too long, but is actually the right size, so they have to put the car on blocks and let it sit for a few days to "relax" the suspension in order to finally bang the monte into place.  Mine was different.  It just slipped right in.    The export brace should keep the shock towers from moving very much.    I put one on mine a few years ago, and didn't have any alignment issues afterwards.  Even if you have to get your alignment adjusted later, the investment in a quality Monte Carlo bar is well worth it for front end stability.  I would think twice about making your own. 
You can buy curved Monte's at just about any Mustang supply place. 

unfortunately, not for the 71-73 models.  Only the straight ones are available as far as my searching has shown.

Having one in hand I can comfortably say my welding is as good as that on the one I bought and I feel comfortable with it as a guide that I can build one better than I can buy.

The 71-73 models also use a 2 piece export brace, but I am going to fabricate a one piece tubular version and maybe even add provisions to tie it to the monte carlo bar.

I'm red faced for jumping the gun on information.  You are right, in that only the straight Monte is available for your car.  Yeah, if you have the welding skills then go for it to make a one piece monte and export brace as a one unit.  You might even open up market for that product and make a zillion bucks.   ;D

and what would I do with a zillion bucks?  Oh yeah I know- Buy a bunch of land, build multiple race tracks and shooting ranges as well.  Buy or have built every car I desire and date every playboy playmate from now until the time I could no longer pay doctors to keep me alive.

Hmmm I wonder if the market would bear it?


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