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Lower control arm bushings - 65 fastback

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Hi Guys,

I am back into working on the car to be able to cdrive it this summer ( been stores for almost 18 months, replacing floor pans and other things)
I spent the weekend replacing all the bushings on the front end of the car, and ran into a hurdle.

I have the lower control arm prothane bushings and wonder where the 4 circular (rings) ones go???

Anyone knows where to install them? I couldn't figure out where to put them

Thank you

I'm sure someone around here has replaced them :)


I don't have the answer but Prothane does have a support tab on their website ( that you can try.  They also have a toll-free number listed - 1-888-406-2330.  You could try that too.

Sorry I could not help more.

Just looked a little harder on the Prothane site and found the installation instructions too.  Maybe those would help you even more.  See

Thanks a lot!
Then I understand that they don't necessarily mount, it depends if I have factory arms or not, but I see where they go now, so I'll check to see if I need to install or not.



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