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lock cylinders


Is it possible to use a door lock cylinder for the trunk lock in a 73 Mach 1?  This way I only need one key.

Thanks for looking.

not a bad idea!  Without having one in hand I would think it is possible to alter a door lock to accept the rod mechanism for the trunk.  The door locks have a piece riveted to the rear that turns to the side to actuate the rods in the door.  The trunk lock has a rod that inserts into it.  It might take using parts from two locks to make your idea work, but I bet a locksmith could whip it up without a problem.

Yeah, like you said I should probably take it to a locksmith and see if he can do it.  I originally thought I could get the lock re-keyed but it uses a different type of key for the trunk.  I'm gonna look closely at the two lock cylinders for similarities.

Thanks for the info.


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