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Location of ID plate under hood of 73 Mach1 Fastback

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Hi from Australia. Doing ground up resto on my Mach. The Paint/Panel shop have removed the ID plate and screwed it on behind the left headlight. Not sure where it should be? Thanks for any assistance. Regards from Down Under...

There are 3 locations from a 1968 and forward.  You should have a tag on the bottom of the windshield on the dash on the drivers side.  You should also have one on the driver's door, and you should have one on the inner fender under the hood at the top.  Here is a pic of those three locations.
If it is the door data plate, then here is a pic of where it should be placed on the door. 

Thanks mate... I appreciate the help. Got a long way to go but be all done by Xmas. G'day from Down Under, Regards, Col.


hi guy... can you  help me??? i need to know where is located the serial of my mustang 73' somebody told me..! is on the rear wheel.. but i can't find it..!!!!

i'm from venezuela..!!! greetings

Hi Horacio from Australia, There should be a serial number on the top of the inner front drivers side fender. Also a compliance sticker on the end of drivers door below door latch. Good luck...never heard of serial number on rear wheel?? Thats weird! Take care - enjoy what you do!


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