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Lincoln Versaille disc rear into a 65 Fastback how do I set up the hand brake

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408 Fastback:
I recently bought a 65 Fastback from the US fitted with a Lincoln Versaille 9inch disc brake rear end. The previous owner removed the hand brake set up. I need to get the hand brake working in order to be able to licence the car for the road. I have no idea what the set up from the diff used to look like making it hard to fabricate or replace. Does any one have a hand brake hooked up on there Versaille rear end in there Mustang that they could send me pics off it showing how it runs from the callipers over the diff. Or even better know where I could get hold of the park brake linkages and lever that attaches to the callipers. Mine doesnt even have the leavers that attach to the callipers. Thanks so much if you can help. Lincoln Versaille's were never sold in Australia so it makes things very hard to work out.
408 Fastback

I bought a 1969 Fastback from the US last summer. It is also fitted with a Versailles rear end and the cables were not hooked up. If you give me your mail I can take pictures of the set up.  You have to make a L-shaped attachment that you hook up to the cable.

  Here is a picture that may help. 

The parking brake is a horrific challenge for Versailles/Granada rearend swaps, as the lever (arrow) is the only component available. You'll have to fabricate your own parking brake cable setup. This can be accomplished with a local cable fabricator.

Obviously to get the parkingbrake working you need the levers but once you have them it is quite easy to fabricate an L-shaped profile about 3-4 inches long. You mount it behind the rear axle (this is on a 69) with the same screw that holds the brakefluid line. It should stick out towards the caliper. You drill a hole in it and through the hole goes the end of the parking brake cable.

408 Fastback:
My email address is

The more pics you can send of the leavers and how the cable runs over/under the diff and and brackets ect thats used would be great.
I have no idea with any of it as I am missing every think but once I get this section sorted it wont be too hard to modify the rest.

69FB do you use the original hand brake leaver and is it under the dash the same as the 65/66 Mustangs as my mate thinks we should use a floor mounted hand leaver as it might be easier.

Thanks for your replys


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